Translations and reciters options




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    sikander manjiyani

    the new update is not good at all

    the earlier one was so easy to use 

    translation and transliteration cannot be used together

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    I have been using this site primarily to compare translations.  This was easier in old version as the options were easily accessible. Had some difficulty in finding the translations options, but now I know. Thank you.

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    Previous UI was best!!!

    Hello brother , your work is just amazing. But i think previous navigation was perfect. It's actually my opinion.Because i face some problem using this new player. Translate option , select recitation everything gone. UX was better than now.

    Thank you

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    Gujarat Santana

    I have the same problem from all the users here, previous UI is better, I tried to figure it out but still I couldn't find the how to change the translation. until I found this post.

    Please change it to previous UI. it is better and easier to use!.

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    no translation what you did ?


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    Gujarat Santana

    @ahmed. I have found the way to shows the translation in different language. the new UI confuse me a bit. :D

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    Unfortunately this new update is not good at all


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    Mardian Musa

    the new update is not much help.

    the old one is the best.

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    I've been using the older site for many years and I'm finding the newer version problematic as I can't seem to find the option to download surahs please rectify this. The older version was way more user friendly

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    My problem was shorted out. but, the old version is user friendly. Better to switch over to that is suggestable.

    Zajakumulla Hairan

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    syed jabbar

    Inshallatallah should be new version i good for you imagine thoughts reflection images of quran concepts basically

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