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  • Fazley bin Fadzil

    Assalamualaikum! There are a lot of official translations of the Qur'ān to other languages (e.g. Indonesian, Malay, Thai); you might need to get some volunteers from each country to help key in the official translations into the website. Remember that the Islamic population is WAY MORE in Indonesia than in the Arabic world, and if you would put in more translations with the help of others, it might benefit millions. :3

    (I'm not saying to allow others to put in their OWN translations, but to only take from the official translations from official bodies representing Islam in their respective countries. It shouldn't be scary)

  • fitri anto

    Ok trimakasih untuk emailnya

  • Vítor Cardoso


  • Nasiruddin Mohon

    Pls add Bangla (Bengali) language

  • Nahil

    Please can you add Arabic language to the Quran dream app?

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