Does have an app?




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    Mohammad Al Mamun Sk Shimul

    Thank You so Much

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    Yes, I have been reading this app. But in my Samsung S Duos GT-7562, some arabic text from front side goes beyond screen. For which I am unable to read it.
    If you have any suggestion, please write me.

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    khizar hayat

    i searched Quran Android it is not app related to this website.
    This website's android app name is Quran For Android

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    Riyan Karomah

    Alhamdulilah :)

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    I have Quran android on my Samsung tablet. I have since changed devices and now have a windows 10 device. How do I transfer it if possible? or where do I download the same application for windows 10(if available and will I be able to download all the same reciters as i have on android?) my contact details

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    Md Imran Momin

    pls  help me, find your android mobile app. send me link on my number 9973008686 or email pls.

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    Ali aung

    How about window phone ?

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