I don't like the new version, how do I go back to the old?




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    AoA! Firstly i would appreciate your team on developing the best ever website for Quran reading. I've been using this for more than a year now and its comfort of usage made me learnt it quite well. I signed up to give you a feedback regarding new version. Before this, every surah was designed and seperated in pages, which was easier to read. Now in reading section it comes with translation or just arabic material with no space. I would be greatful if you pay attention to this issue. Best of luck!!!

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    Dwi Arso Pranggodo

    maa syaa-allaah , may Allah grant you jannah brother. keep doing your great job..

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    Iqtidar Ahmed

    Agree with Minerva above!

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    Luiz Carlos da Silva

    Sorry but I don't see the transliteration on the new version

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    The most recent version which you updated was great on eye! If your checking just translation and transliteration both! Easy to read for long without strain! The legacy one has the transliteration and translation in bold little hard on eyes! I am using it as I couldn't find transliteration on new updated site

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