The site is not working, how do I tell you?




  • Tanisha Riyaz

    Thank you, this helped me a lot

  • Monira Jannatul Kobra

    I am a new user of this fantastic website. This website gives me options to listen one ayat several times along wit the translation. But unfortunately, it does not work for all surah, I guess. 
    I am trying to listen surah al-bakarah, but after ayat 10 it does not work. I am learning to read quran fluently, for correcting my reading skill listening to the recitation of It is a very good website. But I don't know how solve this porblem. I tried in different browsers as well but it does not work well. 

    Please help me and tell me how can I listen all the recitation without any hardle and improve my recitation skill. Thank you.



  • Selma Sorguc

    Im having same exact problem as Monira Jannatul Kobra ( she posted her comment 6 months ago).

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