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  • Noorullah Mohmand

    I think there is a problem with the recitation of this word, when you try to listen to it, it says something else.
    Fix it please, It's not the word what it use.

  • junaid akhter

    This is very beneficial brother, May Allah reward you for all your efforts.

  • Javed Ahmadzai

    @muhammad moniruzzaman API:

    You can simply request anything from their database using any of your favorite language

  • Wahab Hussain

    As Salam o Alikom Mohammad,

                       Good to see you building you duniya and akhira. Will surely try the possible contribution I can.


    Wahab Hussain

  • Soufiane GLIOUINE

    Hello and Salamo alikom,

    I'm a Full Stack web Java/ PHP and JavaScript (Angular 6) developper. I 'll be happy to contribute in this project. Please feel free to contact me on my Gmail:



  • Shahrul Azni


    Thanks for you & your team hardwork to make this happen.

    I would suggest that when we playing audio, there's an option to disable word-by-word highlights because it sometimes doesn't syncronize with the audio & it's a little confusing when reading.

    Thank you.

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