Can I use offline?




  • Siddique Katiya

    Excellent tool to learn Quran especially using desktop and  mobile devices However using Online only is not a good strategy you must provide offline version because 70% of user may not have effective wifi access

    Second the 70% of potential users of this tool employed different   tarīqat al-dabt  also know as Indo-Pak fonts, you must consider option to permit  indo-Pak    tarīqat al-dabt

    For several centuries, several different dabt (diacritical) systems have been in used. At least two for Hafs and two for Warsh recitation. For Hafs reciatation, one use in primarily in Arab land ( incorrectly labeled as Uthmanic script) and another use in Central Asia and the subcontinent mainly Non-Arabs lands also incorrectly labeled as Indo-Pak script. Although both use the Hafs recitation but slightly different in diacritical method (debt) and printing style. Apparently, the Non-Arabs method (we shall call it Mushāf-e-Ajmi instead of Indo-Pak script) has been intended to simplify certain difficult rules for non-Arab dealing with silent letters and voice assimilation (Idgham); conversion (Iqlab) etc.

    for more information please refer to my article

  • Siddique Katiya

    The fonts are too bold and dark,  consider to adjust

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