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  • Zuhairie Zainudin

    Wanna ask u guys about the translation, when im pointing the cursor at one of the word in the ayah there should be showing an english translation of that word, but now the word has change into arabic word when im pointing the cursor to that word. Btw I already change the translation into Mukhsin Khan. Please help, for each word in english meaning is really being helpfull for me and my friends, so please change it back?

  • saifullah rahman

    brother, i noticed that the tooltip display shows only the transliteration and not the translation. tried changing the settings. still no change. 
    please  help .

  • Mohammad Rizwan Mustafa
    السلام عليكم

    عزيزي أخي اليوم كنت أقرأ سورة "علي عمران" الترجمة الهندية المستخدمة في هذا الموقع ووجدت أن هناك "طهريف" في الترجمة، لدي القليل من المعرفة العربية ولكن أعرف

    (الكتاب) يعني "الكتاب" ------- لا كتب

    المترجم يستخدم الكتب في اللغة الهندية ترسل لك المفاجئة حتى أنت / فريقك / أي شخص يفهم اللغة الهندية، على أمل أن تفعل ما هو ضروري

    جزاك الله 

    Assalam O Alaikum 

    Dear Brother today I was reading SURAH "ALI IMRAN " the Hindi Translation Used in this Website and I found there is a "TAHREEF" in the translation, I have a little ( قليل ) knowledge of ARABIC but I know

    (الكتاب ) means "THE BOOK" ------- NOT BOOKS ( الكتب )


    The Translator used books in HIndi Language sending you a snap so you / your team / any one who understood Hindi Language, hoping you will do what is necessary 



  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Assalam o alakum , First of all jazakALLAH for the work you are doing. 
    Secondly 18:95 and 18:96 translations are mis aligned. Means translation of last sentence of 18:95 is written at the start of 18:96. So while i was learning arabic i couldn't find the translation on the same ayah. It can be confusing for the people who do not know arabic and sometime just refer to one ayah.

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