• Mohammad Othman

    This would be a great feature

  • Smart Azan Clock

    This doesn't have to be a complicated bookmark manager. A simple "continue from where you left" would be good enough. 

  • Nasuh

    for daily reading bookmark is very important. Unfortunately i can not find this feature

  • Salik Chughtai

    Software Developer here, I am available, If you need my services to add this feature in this website. [FOC]

  • Mohammed Saleh

    One feature I'd love to see you implement: 
    - a 'bookmark' feature which bookmarks the aya you're on. When you are reading very long suras across multiple days it's easy to lose your place when you return the sura. A bookmark feature would be really helpful.

  • Mohammed Saleh

    ********* Ideally everyone who follows this thread would also give the suggester more votes at the top of the thread

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