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  • ms. raja


     im also memorizing on my own Alhamdulillah, so here are my tips:

    - some people can memorize easily with audio recitations and some have difficulty with it, so it depends on how you find it easier.

    - keep the same mushaf ( Qur'an ) for memorizing.

    - memorize  surah by surah  instead of juz ( siparah )

    - its more motivating to start from juz 30, and go to 29, 28....1, as juz 30 is very easy and its quick to memorize it. also when you'll memorize juz 30, you'll basically have 37 surahs having memorized already.

    - when you select a surah then what i do is go to youtube and search for best recitations of that surah, and download the one that clicks me the  most. 

         ( qari ziyad patel, faisal al rashood, Muhammad taha al junayd, sheikh abubakar al shatri, Ibraheem jibreen etc. are amazing )  the first three are the best.

        then keep on listening to the audio, as it will go on in your ears even without the actual audio.     and also when you open the mushaf ( Qur'an ) follow the audio.

    -  must read word-to-word translation of the arabic text, as it not only makes it easier to grasp the arabic text but also make one enjoy translating it.

    - set a goal for year, like how many juz you have to do in a year. ive 2 juz per year as i'm a student and cant do more

    - remember the grammer rules i mean Qawaid

    - starting two or three verses each day, and repeating them after every prayer of the day, will help. and it can easily get to one page or so each day 

    - in my opinion telling someone ( other than the teacher if any ) about how many surahs you did this month/ year takes the feeling away. and you may feel less motivated.


    hope it helps. regards 

  • Zahrah

    wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah e wa barakatuh


    JazakAllah khair brother.


    May Allah bless you.

  • ms. raja

    ameen. may Allah bless you too. jazakAllah. 

     its a sister by the way

  • Zahrah

    Shukran and JazakAllah sister,


    Really, may Allah send His rahmah and barakah upon you and your family for taking your time and providing us with a great answer / solution.


    It is a great reminder and motivator for late bloomers. 


    May Allah help all sisters and brothers achieve memorizing the Holy Quran and follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet S.A.W.W. to the T.


    JazakumAllah Khair Katheer

    Remember me and All Muslaimeen in your prayers. 


  • Dujana Abdul-Nur

    As-Salaam alaikum ms raja. Praise Allah for granting you the desire to remember His Book, sent to and exemplified by His most honorable and noble Messenger, Muhammed (prayers and peace be upon him).

    In your pursuit to remember the book of Allah, be mindful that patience and perseverance are the keys to success.

    My prayer is that Allah make it easy for you to remember.

    And Allah is the best Provider. Ameen.

  • ms. raja

    yes All Praise Be to Allah subhanwat'ala.

     thanks for all the prayers and may Allah T'ala help and guide us all and fill our hearts with this Nur. Ameen 

  • Khanaamnaa539

    Asalamu Alaikum. JazakAllah Khair all of you for your responses. The advice means a lot. Please also keep me in your prayers. 

  • ms. raja

    waalikumussalam warahmatullah e wabarakatuhu


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