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Please provide an SSL for "EveryAyah Quran Files" mp3 audio files


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  • Abdul Majid

    السلام علیکم!

    There are a few bugs and the team must be working on it, till they can fix it, this is what I do (I use phone, a few of these details are same for a computer):

    1 - Whenever I open a new surah or open the chrome for 1st time I've to refresh it once more after once trying to play and then 2nd time it starts to play.

    2 - Sometimes it stops playing the next ayat, what I do is go to setting and change the reciter, it plays automatically or I play it myself and then switch back to the reciter I usually listen to.

    3 - I only listen to ayat by ayat if I am checking my pronunciation etc to practice my recitation I go to hamburger sign (horizontal 3 lines on top left corner) and then to Audio which leads to and you can find continuous recitations there.

    I the above details would be of some help.

    Take care.


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