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Is this web site contain extracts of real Quran?



  • Abdul Majid

    Hello Buddhi, I hope you're well.

    This websites contain Quran, Surah by Surah (chapter by chapter) in AC ending order.

    There is only one Quran, it doesn't have versions. However there are few versions on translations but not the Arabic text which is from the revilentions ascended on Prophet Mohamad (Peach Be Upon Him).

    I hope I've cleared your confusion.

    Should you have further questions, don't hasitate to ask.

    Take care.

  • Odai

    Maybe you're mixing it with "Qira'at",

    see this for more information:

  • Odai

    Qira'at are existent to make it easier for all kinds of people from all kinds of places to read the Quran with no difficulty.

    And Allah is the most knowing, and the wisest.


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