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  • Mohammed Younus Siddiqui

    Yeah the new font and layout is a huge turnoff

  • Uqbah Kabir

    Strongly agree that the previous version was better in terms of layout and reader friendliness.

  • Lujain Alherz

    Yes I agree as well. It was easier for me to search up words in the old version. Is there a way to switch back?

  • NinjaSauce

    The new version is full of too many bugs...

  • suleman mahmood

    New version is good well done guys but yes I would prefer to have the option to use the old site jazakullah

  • Luca Turato

    Assalamu alaykum brothers, I would also like to understand if it is possible to go back to the old version, also because the font is now more spaced than before.
    Jazakum Allahu khayran

  • Andrea Bonadele

    Yes please revert it back. It now looks like it's for people who have a sight impairment. It's so uncomfortable to read. We want to see the same layout every time when we come to read the Qur'an. It was perfect before. It will also take us longer to scroll down through a large Surah.
    Please change it back.

  • Basil Jabir

    Yes please, at least add an option to revert back to the old font and style. 

  • ms. raja

    new features are quite helpful but the old font looked better


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