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    Fahad Yousaf Mahar

    Hello. I am a Word Press Designer So I cannot actually help you in JS scripting. But I have a Font feature request for

    Alhamdulillah! You guys have worked really nice.for development of this project.As you are expert developers of this project so you can do this easily with the help of Almighty Allah.

    So the request is that I want to have Noori Nastaleeq font installed in the URDU & Farsi translation text.As it is the default font for Urdu publications in Pakistan and Farsi in Iran.It is very beautiful and very easy to read.Because Pakistani population cannot read trade arabic or simple unicode font on computers with much ease. So you must add Nastaleeq to Urdu Translation.

    Using Google Chrome's Inspect Element tool and changing the fontfamily from running CSS style made it look very beautiful Here is a ScreenShot.

    I have only inserted Jameel Noori Nastaleeq because it loaded Nastaleeq Font installed on my PC. For being able to do this through server side (as not all of users have urdu fonts installed and it is of large size so it cannot be given through browser) it needs some web fonts. Go through CSS of these sites which use Nastaleeq and You will be able to achieve the goal .
    Sites are:

    Urdupoint uses this CSS to achieve server side font load.

    Give it a read and You will be able to do this.




    Fahad Yousaf Mahar



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    Arslan Shaikh

    As Salam Alakium,

    I would like to make a recurring donation of $5.00 a month every month for the foreseeable future...but I can't find a recurring donation button on your website


    Wikipedia has a monthly donation button..


    Please help, I believe more brothers and sisters would like to invest continuously (sadaqah jariyah) rather then just a one time payment.

    And use a "set it and forget it" approach rather then going to the website month after month to donate..


    Jazak Allah kher,


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    Alsalam Alykum, I really love this web site, however what i noticed is that its missing the tafseer, it will be helpful if it had the tafseer arabic, english, and other languages. I preferred the older edition of this which included the tafseer, however; it only had Aljallaleen, and the shorten one only. thus please look into these if possible, to make this website a one stop for all the Quran studies. 

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    Mohammed Hassan Sallam

    Alsalamu Alykum,

    I'm a software developer, I have an idea for Islamic answering project that needs an access to sources from Quran and Sunnah through APIs. I went to Quran-API project on github, I found it really great but I don't want to clone all the database I just want to access it online. Is there an end-point server where you deployed the API and the database to, that I can connect to e.g. ( 

    Thank you, may Allah put this on Mizan of Hasanat of yours

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    How to embed qur'an in wordpress site..?

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